Kendrick Lake


I have been loving this run lately! Today was a surprise day off, and we finally have blue skies. I couldn’t wait to get outside! Though lately the thought of my same old routes is so uninspiring. So rather than run the usual routes from my house, I drove over to Kendrick Lake Park to enjoy a beautiful morning run.

One lap around the lake is one mile. Usually, for me, running laps equates boredom. Kendrick is different. Three laps goes by so quickly. The view is beautiful, and there are so many cool things to see around the lake:


Herons hunting for breakfast. Pelicans flying overhead (uncaptured by my iphone), a mama and her ducklings and


(Though this picture was taken last weekend; today the geese and goslings were hiding somewhere.)

The other great thing about Kendrick is that I always feel safe there. It’s always busy with retired men and women walking laps and mothers running after kids on bikes. I feel less like I need to carry pepper spray with me, less sketched out by running under busy roads where tunnels always display fresh graffiti. I feel no need to run with music because there are tons of red-winged blackbirds. And on muddy days like today, it’s nice to have a paved path to run on.

It’s crazy how running in a place that I love not only makes the run go by faster, but also makes me run faster. Keeping a sub 9 minute pace is easy at Kendrick, and impossible some days when I run closer to home.

Do you find it easier to run when you’re in pretty or peaceful surroundings? Does place have something to do with pace for you too?

❤ from Colorado,


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