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What’s a pregnant mama to do when she wakes up in the middle of the night (for the 4th time to pee) and can’t get back to sleep? Turn on the Christmas lights, catch up on emails and read health news in the middle of the night.

photo(125)The tree was pretty, the first article I stumbled across was not. Any Bikram yoga lovers out there? Maybe this is old news, but I just read it:

* Women Accuse Bikram Yoga Founder of Rape and Speak Out Against the Millionaire Guru…

I suppose after Anusara’s John Friend debacle, this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Even though Bikram yoga was where I got my start, it always seemed odd to me that a guru would so fiercely try to trademark the class sequence. I also don’t have a lot of faith in gurus. Still, a black eye on the face of yoga is never something I like to see as a yoga teacher, even though I’m not a Bikram or Anusara teacher. Even though I’m not even teaching any yoga classes right now.

* What Separates a Healthy and Unhealthy Diet? Just $1.50 a Day (NPR)

I heard this on the morning news yesterday as well, but I didn’t really stop to take note. As someone who has been health obsessed for years (including the broke college years), I already knew that eating healthy didn’t need to be all that expensive. Yes, Hungry Man frozen dinners or Ramen were cheap college food, but not if it meant more trips to the doctor because you were sick. That was my philosophy anyway. Health is kind of a pay now, or pay later kind of thing to me. I also valued it more than a snowboarding pass or going out to the bars or electronic entertainment. I still do. If eating healthy means that I can’t go out, can’t look as stylish as I want, or can’t have a new tv, I will choose healthier food. And again, eating healthy doesn’t have to be all that expensive, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan. Beans and rice are cheap, and you can buy them in bulk! Vegetables at the Farmer’s Market freeze and the loads of zucchini from your coworkers garden freeze well and will last through a winter. I could do a whole post, maybe even a whole book, about eating healthy on the cheap. Another day.

*The Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013 (Huff Post)

I hadn’t heard of some of these and disagree with others. Maybe Colorado, being the fit state that it is, is ahead of the trend? Or behind it? Or marches to the beat of its own drummer. At any rate, here’s my take on these so called health trends:

-Water Workouts. Well, to be fair, we are a land-locked state, and I haven’t frequented a pool in a couple years. Also, the last pool I went to was the Hot Springs pool in Glenwood–which was a great place to cross train for half marathons while I was living on the west slope. But still, I don’t think the water workouts trend has hit Colorado. Unless you count paddle-boarding down a river as one of these water workouts.

-Fun Runs. Yup, all over the place. Zombie chases, color runs, hot chocolate runs, you name it & we have it here. I have yet to play in any of them. Well, sort of. I did do a mud run the fall before last in Lyons. The Devil Dash, and it was soooo much fun!

Obstacle 7? And pre-army crawl through the mud
Obstacle 7? And pre-army crawl through the mud

My friend Kristin and I wore red petti-coats/tutus. I was really scared coming down this. It was a lot higher than it looks in the picture 😉 .

-Going Vegan. Nope. Not a trend in Colorado this year. I went vegan the year before, not as part of a state-wide-health trend though. I’d been vegetarian for years (mostly for moral reasons), and went vegan because high cholesterol runs in my family. My cholesterol was higher than my husbands, and he eats bacon and eggs several times a week. After a year of being vegan, my cholesterol went down to normal levels, and my joint pain was almost gone. But that was 2012. In 2013, EVERYONE I know has gone Paleo. At least, it feels that way. Paleo is the big trend here.

-Hybrid Yoga. This hit the scene a couple years before with spin yoga, but I spent part of last year teaching a yoga with weights/cardio hybrid class. I hated it, but it was highly requested. I really think that it would be good for the fitness community to embrace to peace and calm that comes from yoga instead of cram one more gnarly, sick workout into their routine. It’s okay to slow down, okay Coloradoans? You can get in a run in later, you can lift, or climb or ride later. Just breathe.

-Playground workouts. I didn’t know this was a trend, but as a gym-loather, I’ve worked out on playgrounds for years. I’m pretty sure that personal trend will continue with this baby on the way. Running with the BOB and swingset pull-ups here I come!

-Exercise Specific footwear. Not so much here. Unless you mean climbing or cycling shoes. Other than that, the barefoot and minimal shoe movement still reigns. Oh, and Newtons (shoes, not fig)–being a Colorado company and all. I still wear Sauconys.

-Crossfit. Okay, this wasn’t on their list, but it’s definitely the trend here. Has been for two years. Everyone is paleo, and everyone does Crossfit. Except me. I have a few issues with both, even though I really admire the strength and dedication of some of the elite crossfit athletes.

What are the health trends where you live? Best? Worst?


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