Guess What Day It Is?

DSC01498Guess what day it is?! Nope, not hump day. A phrase I hated before the camel commercial. It is the day the first Nobel Prize was awarded (in 1901), but I’m not referring to that. It’s also the day that this silly event is making headline news, but I’m not watching the show and not writing about it either.

This is the day that the weather in our area is finally above freezing. Yippee!!

Balmy!Because it means it’s the first day in I don’t know how many that I could get outside for a walk! Again, before being pregnant, I’d strap on some yaktrax and run in any weather. Well, at least anything -5 or above. However, all the cold makes for ice, and my balance and coordination aren’t quite what they used to be. I’d rather not risk falling.

So I’ve been mall walking. Seriously. Between 8 and 10 at the Colorado Mills Mall, it’s crammed with old folks in walking shoes making laps. The circumference is 3/4 of a mile. There’s even a club for these mall walkers: Mills Milers.  While I haven’t joined and don’t plan on it, I have to admit how I think it’s pretty cute to see all the grandparents walking and meeting up for coffee after.

Except for these not-so-old ladies who were walking the mall today with Black diamond trekking poles. You know, the kind you see people summiting Everest with? They didn’t even have gray hair.

But I’m not really here to write about that today either. Today is a special day for any readers who live in or love Colorado. Today is Colorado Gives Day. Colorado Gives Day is a day to support all (or one of your choice) of Colorado’s non-profits.

Last year, Coloradans made an astonishing show of support for local nonprofits by donating $15.4 million in just 24 hours. A total of $15.7 million was distributed to the nonprofits, thanks to additional contributions from the FirstBank Incentive Fund and 36 cash prizes. It sounds like a lot of money, but when you see how many non-profits there are & how much they do, it’s not that much. This time of year is tough to donate; I wish they’d choose a different month since December we’re already strapped with Christmas gifts and Angel Tree and Food Bank, etc. But we’ll find a little to give now, and if you can’t, keep them in mind for later.

For a list of ALL the non-profits who could benefit from your donation (and that you or someone you know may benefit from), go HERE.

If you don’t want to sort through the whole, loooong list–some of my favorite Colorado Non-Profits are:

9 Health Fair – We get blood tests done on the cheap here every Spring.

A Woman’s Place– Helps support women who are victims of domestic violence. I believe in women supporting women.

Animal Rescue of the Rockies– Again, animal lovers this is for you. I’m a sucker for their animal pictures.

Bicycle Colorado– Especially since moving to the front range, I’ve noticed nasty air quality.  I like clean air and safe places to ride.

Birds of Prey Foundation– Because when I was working in Environmental Ed, they always had the most beautiful hawks and owls who had been rescued from traps or car accidents & were used for education programs since they were too injured to survive in the wild anymore.

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation– Do I need to explain?

Colorado 4-H Foundation– I was in 4H and loved it.

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education– Especially in a world where more children spend so much time inside in front of a screen, environmental education is essential. If we want to keep Colorado beautiful, we need to teach our kids about & help them connect to the environment (especially front range kids).

Colorado Humane Society & SPCA– For animal welfare, protection of abused animals–including pets and horses.

Colorado Public Radio– I listen, and it’s listener supported.

Colorado Watershed Assembly– It’s hard to pick and choose when it comes to non-profits & Colorado Water–an issue that I believe goes far too unnoticed.

Foodbank of the Rockies– Benefits many families who struggle to put food on the table–including some who are too proud for food stamps.

Girls on the Run– One year I will be a GOTR coach! I strongly believe it helps create strong, empowered girls and young women (in mind and body).

Leave No Trace– Environmental Ethics–again, let’s keep Colorado beautiful despite the growing population!

Live Well Colorado– A way to make & keep Colorado the healthy state that it is. And I write for them 🙂

Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center– Because I have loved taking some of their summer workshops, and the money they spend really goes towards conservation and education efforts.

Not included on my list  because there are local chapters and you should support them by the county/area where you live, but I still think they are great are:

Habitat for Humanity

Humane Society

Local Animal Shelters

Local Library Foundations

Meals on Wheels


Do you have a favorite charity you like to support this time of year? Did I miss yours? Tell me about it in the comments 🙂

With Love From Colorado,


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