Objects in the Mirror….

-2Guess what I found today? Besides a blurry selfie. Besides a few missing blog posts. Besides a messy house, work left undone, and Christmas shopping still on my to do list.

My very first gray hair.

Yikes. Now, I’ve had wrinkles for years. I even have a lovely age spot (which my husband thinks is a birth mark, and I’ve never corrected him). But gray hairs too? I mean really. I thought I’d be safe from those for a while being blonde and all. Given the choice, I’d rather have the gray hair–easier to hide. Or not, I really like when women have long gray hair. I think it’s beautiful in a way the world never seems to show.

But anyway. It had me thinking about things. Nothing new. I’m always thinking about things. The last week or so I haven’t WRITTEN about any thing though. Because of looks.

Not mine. The looks of this blog. It’s the reason why I never seem to keep one. I know what a good blog should look like. But I can’t figure out how to make mine look like that. I’ve got no smoke and mirrors. I’ve got no coding tricks up my sleeve. I have very limited design skills and experience.

I just have wrinkles. And gray hair. A plain-Jane blog. More i-phone photos than with our DSLR that I’m not so great at using yet. And a rather rambunctious mind.

IMG_1840I also don’t have a front porch anymore. Where I can sit and watch the sunset like I used to. Where I can invite you all to take a seat, have a cup of tea, and share a few minutes of life. Talk about time and how fast it goes. About finding gray hairs. Or silver linings. Talk about the beauty in each day–even if we have to look for it, even if it shows up where we least expect to see it, even if we have trouble seeing it at all.

That’s why I’ve started this blog. To create a front porch. To share in conversations. To share in our journeys. To create a healthier world–even if healthy doesn’t look like the media says it should.

I am sorry I haven’t found cuter rocking chairs.


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