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A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan

DSC_0041Hope you all had a happy, healthy Christmas! We had company. I miss my runs with this sweet girl, whose over-active tail knocked all the needles off of our tree! Or it seemed that way. Oh well, the tree will be down on Saturday. And it was well worth any extra vacuuming to get to see her  on Christmas Eve.

My husband, B.I.L. & GF + dog, all had a fun Christmas Eve night. They went home for Christmas day, and A. & I had the day to ourselves. We opened packages, made yummy food, and went for a short hike in Evergreen. It’s quite obvious that neither of us have a good grasp on how to use the new camera, but here are some pics from Christmas day–9 months pregnant & hiking & the elk we saw!

DSC_0046DSC_0051DSC_0064DSC_0068In case you were wondering, it was only 30 degrees, and I took off my jacket for the photo. Brrr! Even though it was a little chilly when the breeze came up, it felt so good to get out of the city and breathe fresh air. It was also a nice Christmas treat to get to hang out and watch the elk. I must have taken 30 pictures of various members of the herd. This was the closest one though.

We took a nap when we got back & then enjoyed a simple Christmas dinner. Ham, green beans, garlic mashers, salad & bread for A. Baked tempeh, & the same sides sans the bread for me. I will post how I do green beans and mashers sometime since people always ask me for the recipe when I make them. It’s really simple, and they are so good. I don’t know why I don’t make them more often.

We had planned on going to see the new Ben Stiller movie, but when we drove past the theatre on the way home–it just looked so crowded. After spending time in the sun, with the peace & quiet of our hike, neither of us wanted to deal with crowds. So we rented Don Jon. It was terrible. I have no idea why it was considered witty or why it got decent reviews. Have any of you seen it?

This morning we went to our 38 week appointment. The midwives do not force cervical checks at my weekly appointments, so I opt out. However, I can feel this little guy moving LOW. I love Mary, the midwife we had today. I hope she is the one (out of three in the practice) who is on call when this little guy decides to come out & meet us. She’s delivered over 1000 babies. She is also so calming. Anyway, when she did check his position, she said, “My, he has come down pretty low. I can feel his head right there!” A. looked at me a little nervously. I think it made the cramping sensations, low back pain, & more powerful BH contractions I’ve been having lately more real to him.

We forgot to bring our birth plan to the appointment, but went over key points with Mary & promised to bring it to the next appointment. Since I looked at so many samples of birth plans in order to write ours, I thought I’d share it here in case it’s of any use to any mamas out there:

Birth Plan for Keri & Aaron HansonDSC01009

We are grateful to have you on our birth team & appreciate your knowledge and experience. We’ve spent the last several months preparing for a natural childbirth. We would appreciate NOT being offered pain medication, since we plan on using relaxation techniques, positioning, massage, and the support of our doula.

We ask that the following wishes be respected:
* The birth environment is very important to us, so we ask for as much privacy as possible so Keri can remain relaxed and focused
* We hope to have a natural childbirth, avoiding all interventions. If an event should arise where an intervention becomes necessary, we would like to consider the alternatives & consequences as well as have private time to discuss options (if possible)
* To be fully appraised & consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure
* The freedom to move around during labor
* If possible, ask Aaron if he would like to catch the baby/ cut the cord.
We Would Like to Minimize the Following:
* Continuous fetal monitoring
* IV Fluids or medication (with the exception of antibiotics for GBS)
* Cervical/Vaginal exams—only when medically necessary, Keri is GBS+
* Pitocin or Cervadil during labor, we may be open to Pitocin to deliver the placenta, but would like to discuss prior to administration of medication
* Artificial Rupture of Membranes
* Forceps or vacuum
* C-Section
Post Delivery Preferences:
* Skin to Skin contact immediately after birth, & ask that any immediate testing be done while baby is on Keri’s chest
* Delayed cord clamping—until cord stops pulsing
* Keri would like to breast feed as soon as possible after birth.
* We would like baby to remain with Keri & Aaron at all times. Aaron will accompany baby for any tests or procedures necessary.
* We ask to postpone the Hepatitis B vaccine.
* We ask that the baby’s first bath be postponed until at least two hours after birth.

I intentionally left some things out since I wanted it all to fit on one page. These were the items most important to Aaron and I. Sadly, before we were seeing the midwives, I was swabbed for GBS (at 13 weeks!).  We never swabbed again because even though our midwives are holistic and natural-minded, I am still giving birth in a hospital, and they require that I get the IV of antibiotics no matter when I tested positive. As bummed as I am about this, I realize there are worse interventions & I intend to be flexible & not get caught up on the ideal birth I dream of to the point of getting stressed out & crying about it.

There are a host of other scenarios we have envisioned and hope for, but this list covers the majority of what we found important. Feel free to use it as a base for what you would like to have for your labor & delivery, and add or take out what is applicable to you.

With Love from Colorado,


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan”

  1. I was GBS+ with J in 2010. Here’s my birth plan with him:
    I would have added “No Stadol under any circumstances whatsoever” on my birth plan with R this year, but we didn’t need a birth plan with him, since we had him at a birth center with midwives and our doula. I think the only things we had to specify were the Vitamin K shots and eye drops, and I know we didn’t get the drops, but I can’t remember if we got the shots. I don’t think so…

    One thing I can say is to have the birth plan reviewed by your birth team (have Aaron and your doula well versed in it), but don’t expect the hospital staff to even look at it. Midwives are generally more likely to look them over and consider them than the OB/GYNs, but both might try to convince you that you really need Stadol or Pitocin or whatever. The purpose in the birth plan is to help you advocate for yourself, not to convince providers that they are wrong.

    He will be here so soon! You’ll do splendidly. Don’t forget to pack comfort food or have access to it. My midwife has known vegans to eat cheeseburgers after delivery because their body craved McDonalds. You never know! For me, I had to have Chimichangas and M&Ms. The post-baby body is the strangest thing.

    1. Thanks for sharing. We are under the care of midwives–who are definitely on board with all of our choices, but still in the hospital. I bought a box of fancy chocolate truffles from Whole Foods, and we’re putting our birth plan next to the chocolates in hopes the nurses might actually look at it :), though I’ve heard form the midwives that most of them work well with them. If I can squeeze it into our page, I’ll add Stadol. Some things I left out since we specified that we wanted to be appraised of any interventions before they happen. Our doula & Aaron are both on watch for me!

      I still need to pack food. Having trouble deciding because lately the only things that sound good are cooked soups, scrambled eggs & greens, and sweet potatoes. Not exactly packable….

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