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One Month

weight lossAt the end of 41 weeks (and 3 days), I had gained almost 50 pounds. Far more than you are “supposed” to gain during a pregnancy, but I really don’t agree with or care what THEY say. For my thoughts on weight gain during pregnancy, go here. Anyway, after the last 4 weeks, I have about 25 pounds to lose.

It is far from my primary focus right now. I’m still recovering physically. Still navigating sleep. I’m breastfeeding on demand, & this little guy has been averaging about 2 ounces a day for weight gain! I’m squeezing in restorative yoga poses in between loads of dishes and laundry and feeding, cuddling, and changing this baby’s diapers. I’m running late on birth announcements and thank yous and blogging. Right now, I’m typing one handed and holding my sleepy little miracle. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  !!!

That said, I am anxiously waiting to be able to fit into a pair of jeans again! Right now, I’m aiming for my old “fat”jeans. The ones I wore on Thanksgiving or after treating myself to dinner. The ones in the back of my closet until my first trimester began. Those would do. I’ll tackle other pants later.

I’m also jonesing to go for a run again. We’ve had some amazing 60 degree Spring-like weather. My running shoes are sitting in the back of my closet, where I longingly dream of lacing up and heading outside.

And my goodness. Have you seen her latest blog post? 15 Ahhhmazing, healthy lunch ideas? Can someone please bring me one of these? My baby hates to be worn & I haven’t been to the grocery store in a month! My husband doesn’t know what things like sugar snap peas are, grateful as I am for his help in shopping for us!  I’m glad for all the soup I froze, quick & simple salads and smoothies, but these? A girl can dream….

It may be a while before I’m whipping up these lunches, before I’m pounding the pavement, before I squeeze into my old size. In the mean time, I take solace in knowing I’m getting decent nutrition from my quick salads loaded with fresh veggies & my JuicePlus Complete smoothies. I take solace in doing yoga in spurts–and having it readily available since yoga pants are the only ones that fit :), and I count my blessings. Each moment I get to spend with this little guy is a gift.

I already took a picture of his one month birthday at four weeks (It’s on Instagram)–but technically, one month is today since he was born on the 21st! He is just so darn precious:

A month ago today! Almost 1 monthThe day after he was born and last weekend. I’ve been so busy, I don’t really notice it from day to day, but man is this little guy growing fast.


With so much love,


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