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I dont Work Out.

Have y’all seen this floating around the internet or various media outlets?

Maria-Kang-issues-First-and-Final-Apology-for-Whats-your-excuse-postGood for her. Can we all clap our hands for her? For showing us how it’s done? I don’t mean to belittle her fantastically toned, lean looking figure after having 3 boys. I’m sure it took work and a lot of it. It might also have taken some genetics. It definitely took time, and time is EXTREMELY hard to come by if you are spending it on your child. I don’t know where she gets it–maybe she has a nanny. Maybe her husband watches them. Maybe she pays for a babysitter while she hits the gym.

I don’t have these things. No nanny. No gym (I hate them anyway). No husband who is home for regular long hours it would take to work out like this–he works very hard, long hours supporting us. No time.

Even if I did have time, I hate gyms. HATE them. Always have. I prefer to be outside. I’m fine in a yoga or dance class, but otherwise I’m happier in fresh air. Or happier at home.

There are so many ways and theories about how to be fit & what’s best for the body. I have crossfitting, paleo friends. I have vegan yogi friends. I have marathon running, carb counting & loading friends. There’s Barre, and Spin, and Spinyoga, and Pilates. There’s Jillian, Tracy Anderson, BodyrockTV, and P90x. Basically, there are a billion options to be fit. If you already have one that works for you, no need to waste your time reading this.

If not, read on. What I like best about it is that I’m not working out. I’m working more movement into my day. As my son grows, he’ll learn this healthy habit too. More movement in daily life means that I am gently giving my body a chance to heal as I strengthen it while creating a healthy habit for both of us now and down the road. So here goes.

When Easton is awake we do these things, intermittently throughout the day.

photo 1-1I usually do squats with my 18 pound (YES! 18 pounds at 12 weeks!!!) in intervals of 25 throughout the day. I probably get in about 100 most days of the week. This has helped immensely in strengthening my pelvic floor post baby.

photo 2-1Planks & push ups. As a side note, if you do planks and push-ups, get your significant other to take a picture while you do it so you can critique your sloppy form. Note mine above: Butt should go down a couple inches, shoulders should flatten more. Belly button toward the back waist. Lengthen through the neck.

Planks are amazing core strengtheners, but work to strengthen the whole body. I do these 5 times a day for 30 seconds or so while talking to Easton & trying to make him grin. It’s much harder while cooing at a baby!

photo 4-1More corework + tummy time for Easton in a way that he doesn’t hate!  We do this (mini crunch/butt-ups) for me while playing airplane with him. I usually do 25-40 reps at a time depending on how Easton is enjoying the plane ride.

In addition to these moves, his nursery is upstairs, so every time I want to change a diaper or clothes or do laundry, I’m wearing him up and down the stairs. We also try to fit in a 1-3 mile walk depending on weather everyday. It’s Spring in Colorado, so whether we can go out or not is anyone’s guess on any given day.  When we can’t get out for a walk, I walk him around the house, pointing out new things for him to explore. Kitchen cabinets! Silverware! Plants! Closets! These things are all so exciting you know.

And finally there is yoga. I sneak in stretches whenever I see him stretch, and 15-20 minute asana sessions when he naps probably about 4-5 times a week. I aim for daily, but sleep is my yoga sometimes. After all, yoga is the union between mind and body, and both function better when rested.

So there you have it. How we move through our days. And a hint at how we move through our nights (anyone note the crib stuffed full of laundry?!). That was a waste of money, so far anyway. Maybe we’ll get more use out of it in a year. For now we both sleep best next to each other in bed.

And speaking of, my little guy is waking up beside me, so we will see you next week when we get back!


What do you do to stay fit and fit more movement into your daily life?

With Love from Colorado,

K & E



3 thoughts on “I dont Work Out.”

  1. I love doing these as well! I started out when my 2nd child was born and I was having difficult time getting to the gym. He started out a a little 7lb weight but over the past year has grown into a 22lb weight. My muscles grew with him over time though, jut like how you slowly increase your weights at the gym!

  2. I was in the best shape of my life after baby #1, and looked a lot like that photo. I didn’t use a gym, didn’t have a nanny, and went back to 50 hour weeks when my son was 8 weeks old. The key was simply to eat well, and do a combo of long stroller walk/jogs, and lift some dumbells I kept in a corner of the living room. The photo she posts is attainable, but I don’t like the message. The message says: “you SHOULD” have a body like this. It doesn’t say, “you should be healthy.” With baby #1, I had a moderate split in my abdominal muscles (Diastasis recti), which got worse after baby #2. With both kids, I did the same thing, lost all the weight in about 4 months, and was mostly in good shape in 6 months. BUT, my stomach – short of reconstructive surgery – will never look like hers. I’ve worked on different techniques to close the gap, and it is still there, and, well, getting worse. And I don’t care. I am pregnant with baby #3, and with careful abdominal work, I hope to keep the split about the same as it is right now. . . but I don’t need an “excuse” for how I look.

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