52 Weeks. Or Something Like That.

20140509-122257.jpgSo, a couple blogs that I follow do this thing where they post a portrait of their kid/s each week & list happenings. I meant to do this all year, but as a new, first time mom, I was way too overwhelmed the first 3 months to get this done. So I’m starting now. Better late than never, right?

To make up for lost time, I’m posting a few pictures from the last two weeks. So dear baby, this week your dad went to Target for diapers. He came back with way more than diapers–including this batman onesie. We wanted to send the picture to your cousin Ty, who is a huge batman fan & has a cool bat cave for his room!

20140509-122345.jpgI put a fake mustache on you last week that’s been sitting on my nightstand since we graduated from our Bradley Method birthing class. It was in our parting gifts. You didn’t like it. But thought it was pretty funny on mom.

20140509-122320.jpgI captured in this picture how you look just like dad. People always comment how you are such a serious baby whenever we go places because of your furrowed brow. Like father, like son.

20140509-122439.jpgYou may be serious in public, but you like going places. Every time I put you in your carseat, you get a little grin on your face.

20140509-122356.jpgAnd you LOVE to be read to. Your favorites are Casey at the Bat, One Fish Two Fish, The Big Red Barn, & The Little Blue Truck. They all have great rhythm. Maybe you will be a drummer. Or a poet.

20140509-122222.jpgYou FINALLY decided that tummy time was okay. Well, for about 3 minutes.  And only on certain days.

20140509-122242.jpgAnd while you won’t take a pacifier no matter how many different kinds we buy and try, you are always hungry for your hands. I’m a little nervous that you might be starting to sprout some teeth.

We love you.

So much.


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks. Or Something Like That.”

  1. This is such a cute idea! I loved reading all the captions! My husband always comes back with way more than requested from target too, and the mustache face is priceless.

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