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Dinner with Sophie.

20140512-183601.jpgLately, I’m loving throwing meals together at the last minute with ingredients in the fridge. Like the above. It doesn’t look nearly as tasty as it was. And it’s not just because I was treating myself to a glass of wine!


I used to love going to the grocery store, perusing the farmer’s markets, choosing ingredients with care & making a feast for good friends. These days the grocery store takes quite a bit of extra effort. More than I want to spend. So around 4, I start scanning the cabinets and freezer for what I can make from what we have on hand. Over the weekend, I made this Asian inspired meal above after seeing that I had Udon noodles, green onion, Annie’s Asian Sesame dressing & green onions on hand. I also had frozen green peas and sweet peppers.

So, I chopped the green onions & bell peppers & sautéed them in a little of the Annie’s dressing with a little water added. Then I set this aside & cooked the Udon noodles (they cook so quickly), while toasting some sesame seeds in the toaster oven. The peas I added last–first thawing them in warm water. Then I drained the Udon noodles & added them and the peas to the sautee pan for 1 min & served with the sesame seeds on top.

Tonight-not pictured, I threw together roasted beets, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries and roasted chickpeas over spinach with a light balsamic & olive oil vinaigrette. So stinkin tasty! And easy! I love it. It’s one small thing I CAN do for myself lately. There isn’t much time for self care, or self love lately, but this I can do.

What have you been cooking lately?

With Love From Colorado,


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