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2/52–Month 3, week 4.

20140516-113347.jpgThis week you were sitting up and ready to take in the world–with a little help & back support in the form of mom’s legs, your boppy, pillows. Your core is getting so strong, and your head control is much better! You were Mommy’s little champ–especially with the wild weather week we’ve had.

It must be Spring time in Colorado because you smelled your first lilacs:


And built your first snowman:

20140516-113421.jpg(Just so people don’t think I’m purposely trying to give my son hypothermia–there is a white blanket underneath him that his hand is resting on and that he and his snowman friend are sharing 🙂 )

You weren’t too interested in the lilacs, but you really liked being outside in the white, snowy world. Up until today, mom had been way too protective to take you outside–even for a brief few minutes–on a snowy day. You also really enjoyed reading snowy day books–One Winter’s Day  and The Mitten.

You completely filled out your 6 month sized Pjs that grandma got you (and graduated to size 3 diapers!):


We didn’t get out for any long walks, but we did take some shorter walks with mommy wearing you in the Lillebaby.

You loved it! You also loved playing with daddy when he got home from work, your blanket that Aunt Mandi got you, putting anything and everything in your mouth!, and when mommy makes dog noises–you think that’s hilarious!

You spent another week amazing us with your personality & cuteness. You are loved. Very Very much.




1 thought on “2/52–Month 3, week 4.”

  1. What a cutie; it makes me miss my son this little. Why does it have to fly by so quickly, I feel like I can barely remember it, like a foggy dream. Also, is that a teething necklace in the first photo? We LOVE those! 🙂

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