3/52–Month 4, Week 1

Sorry about my absence over the last week. It’s been a busy week, & I was sick for the first time in forever. Fever, chills, achy bones–I haven’t felt that way in years. A new milestone in Motherhood. You know you’re a mom when you just want to call in and go back to bed, but have to carry on for your little one. Thank you to my mom for taking care of me when you weren’t feeling well yourself. Thank you to all the mamas who don’t hear the thank you 🙂

I have 2 half written drafts from Monday and Wednesday, that I will probably be posting over the weekend–you know, when you will be too busy to read. Sigh. But this post I had to do. For E.

IMG_3014So, my dear boy, it’s amazing how just how much you’ve grown in 4 months! It’s also amazing how much more in love with you we fall every single day. I hope we are doing an okay job at being your parents. The doctor informed us this week you shouldn’t even be in the same room as a TV. And while we never let you watch it, there are moments you have heard the news or Jimmy Fallon in the background. At your 4 month appointment, we also got official measurements. You are 20.6 pounds & 27.5 inches long–in the 97th percentile for growth. Your doctor said you are a healthy, brilliant boy. We agree.


IMG_2897Also this week, Grandma & Grandpa came to visit you. They loved snuggling with you, watching how excited you get to read books, & going for a long walk. They also spoiled you with some cute clothes for the  family photo shoot we went to on Sunday & brought some of mommy’s old books & clothes  & toys from Aunty K.

We had a fun start to the week, reading all the new books & playing with new toys. The second half of the week looked more like this. Well, for you anyway. Mommy had trouble sleeping because you are just too cute to not watch.


With Love.

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