Month 4, Week 2


Phew! Busy week. This week, we took you out to eat in public for the very first time. It was a nice day, so we sat out on a patio & you were mostly content to be worn while mommy ate a giant Mediterranean salad from The Huckleberry.  While you didn’t fuss or cry when we were eating, you were happiest walking around in the little town where mommy lived when she was your age. You like the stroller, but are happiest when you are worn & can see the world closer to eye-level.

20140531-112811-41291581.jpgWe also went to visit your uncle Andy & friends. On the way back, there was a tornado warning on the radio & our neighbors texted us this picture before they were advised to TAKE SHELTER NOW. You thought it was great fun driving around in the rain. Mommy didn’t. You were laughing in the back seat & mommy frantically clutched the steering wheel and gritted her teeth as she heard the loud sirens go off and speakers advise to take shelter. We headed East on I-70 and waited out the storm in a Target. Maybe you’ll be a storm-chaser. You LOVE watching the rain. We discovered that well over the last two weeks here.

20140531-044821-17301478.jpgYou also loved sitting up like a big boy. In fact, over the week you went from only being able to sit a minute unassisted, to around 5 before you got wobbly & fell over. You are much more relaxed when you are in a chair though. When you are on your own, you are concentrating too much to smile.

20140531-044818-17298228.jpgYou did not love carrots. Wearing or eating them. I tried several times. No dice.

Maybe squash will be better.


You are loved.



2 thoughts on “Month 4, Week 2”

  1. Oh what a sweetie!! You are making me baby sick! My kids always wanted to be held as well so they could see everything going around them. Baby carriers are the best!

    1. If I were a supermom, I’d be getting more done during nap time, but late night feedings every two hours makes this mama tired! Baby carriers are the only way I get things done some days 😉

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