Month 4-week 3

20140606-170137-61297189.jpg This week you:

* Went to a birthday party for a friend at Sloan’s Lake. You took in the scene for a bit, but were stingy with smiles and ultimately just wanted to nap.

*Visited Uncle Andy, Brittany & Mila. You weren’t too impressed with Mila the dog. I always expect you to pay more attention to fur babies, but not yet!

*Went for a couple runs with mommy, and went for your first walk in the BOB withOUT the carseat attachment. You liked this much better! I think because you could look around & you didn’t get sooo hot.

*Loved trips to the grocery store & Target while mommy wore you. You are very fascinated by all the lights and colors.

* Began sitting independently for 5-10 minutes at a time. You LOVE to be sitting up now, and have gone back to HATING tummy time. Will you ever crawl if you never spend time on your tummy?

* Fit perfectly into the 12 month clothes that Grandma & Grandpa sent in the mail, though you prefer to not wear clothes–or at least you aren’t happy at the process of getting dressed.

*Started trying to make yourself laugh. It’s really funny! All of the sudden you just start trying to laugh–not your real laugh–but a much louder fake laugh. I think it’s your cue that you are feeling very silly & want to play.

*Loved reading the books In My Forest  and Flip, Flap, Fly–Thanks Andersons & Tripplets!

* Loved watching mommy cook–you like to smell the vegetables and hear mommy narrate. Maybe you will be a chef?

*Liked sweet potatoes & loved pears.

*Grew even more adorable, even more amazing, & even more loved by your dad & me.

2 thoughts on “Month 4-week 3”

  1. Oh simply precious!! There is nothing as wonderful as watching them grow! Oh and we swear by the teething necklaces! 🙂

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