5 Months!

20140628-152807-55687901.jpgI’ve given up on 52 weeks. For this year. Maybe next year I’ll have it together enough to keep up. For now, I’m a few days late on this little man’s 5 month birthday. So, my dear son, at 5 months old you:

*Are a brave and valiant sleep fighter. Each night you battle for several hours, until drifting into dreamland.

*Do not really care for any purees, so we will just stick to baby-led weaning from here on out.

*Nurse like a newborn round the clock–every two hours or less!

*Weigh over 21 pounds.

*Like to laugh. No really, especially when the end of the day comes, you start to laugh at everything. It’s pretty cute.

*Like being worn a good portion of the day.

*Love being upside down. Maybe you can show me how to not be afraid of inversions one day.

*Try to fit the whole world in your mouth. Teething much?!

*Are fascinated with light–sunlight, ambient light, flourescent light, all lights you love. In the dark you get wide-eyed and quiet. You keep doing that baby–seek out the light and keep your eyes peeled in the dark.

* Like music, all kinds, but have a major appreciation for rap and hip hop. You like rhythm I think. You also like Dr. Suess books for the same reason.

*Still hate tummy time. In fact, you know how to roll over now, so if you are on your tummy for more than a minute or two, you grin and roll over. I am worried you will walk before you crawl at this rate.


In fact I worry about you all the time. It’s part of love. My love for you grows everyday, and I love seeing the world through your eyes all over again. You are the greatest miracle and biggest blessing I have ever known.

With Love,



1 thought on “5 Months!”

  1. So precious!! It really is so wonderful you are doing this! I did not record anything down for my kids first year of life and how I now wish I did! It goes by so quickly and you forget so much. You will always have these to look back at though with happy memories!

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