Happy Campers

20140720-175158-64318991.jpgSorry I’ve been quiet lately. We went on our first camping trip. It was beautiful and fun and a definite learning experience! I’ll have plenty more to write about this week–my mind has been spinning with soooo much to say. (Balancing being mom & wife, exercise as medicine, 10 ways to be a more beautiful new mom, what NOT to do when you take you baby camping……)

But for today, I have mountains of laundry, camping gear, soggy food from the cooler and a baby who just sprouted his first tooth (and turned 6 months) to take care of. In the mean time, something I wrote was published! Check it out here:


20140720-175158-64318652.jpg20140720-175157-64317852.jpgWith Love from Colorado.



2 thoughts on “Happy Campers”

  1. Kerri, first of all I just have to say Go You! I would have never had the courage to go camping with a baby; you are an amazing woman! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, congrats on the article!! I just read it and it is BEAUTIFUL, just like everything you put your pen to! I commented on the post itself but was told I need to wait for it to be approved. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure with little man!

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