A Promise to My Son.


IMG_5047According to the calendar, it’s still summer, but something always shifts within me after Labor Day weekend. Something shifts in the air too. The light is different in the morning and in the evening. Morning runs require an extra layer. The windows are closed before bed. The neighborhoods are more somber, silent; the schools come alive. I start becoming more reflective. Start pouring over nourishing recipes–for body and soul. Start layering–clothes & thoughts. Start lingering in the light while I can, start holding on to warmth.

And I love it. I love it all. Everything that fall brings. The return of autumn each year is like visiting an old, dear friend–one that you don’t talk to that often, but withing two minutes, you’re right back in the middle of a great conversation. I’m longing for it more than ever this year, since I got too caught up in my broken-by-circumstance, loudly hurting, and post-partum-hormonal heart to really enjoy summer. So this past weekend, we took a mini-trip out of the noise of the busy city. We spent time at my parent’s house (which is sadly for sale in case anyone is looking), and I had space and silence and stillness to think.

IMG_5057My Dear Son, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t do summer justice. I have so many bright memories of summer when I was a kid, and I promise that I will make sure that you are a wealthy man when it comes to remembering the care-free, simple and silly times you had as a kid. So right now, I’m making you a promise. In summers to come we will:

*Start memorial day weekend with barbeques and bike rides. Maybe we’ll run some Bolder Boulders. We’ll go to the festival and enter the rubber duck race and buy you a frisbee to play with for the weeks to come.

*Set up a blue plastic kiddie pool for you to splash with in the yard. We will have a dog one summer for you to swim and giggle with too.

*Run through sprinklers in the heat of the day.

*Go to story time once a week at the library.

*Read under the shade of a large tree–or climb into it’s branches, find a nook and linger over a book.

*Ride our bikes to get ice-cream.

*Play baseball, tee-ball, kickball, volleyball, badmitton, or tag in the evening light.

*Go to a Rockies game–in June!

* Watch fireworks on the fourth of July.

* Eat watermelon and spit the seeds as far as we can.

* Make popsicles.

* Go to the Museum on a rainy day.

* We did camp, but we will camp more.

* We did go to the beach, but I will worry less and play more.

* Go to the pool on really hot days.

*Visit farmer’s markets-especially the Boulder farmer’s market.

*Go to the fair.

* Go on more hikes, & when you get older, climb a few mountains.

* Run a 10k or half marathon.

*Camp in the back yard.

*Watch the Persiad meteor shower.

* Go to a drive-in or outdoor movie.

* Go on more picnics.

* Play outside on a rainy day.

*Get dirty, get tan, eat food cooked over a fire, run wild through the woods, stay up too late, get up early, take in more life and share it with you.


Did I miss anything? What were your favorite summer memories?! I’d love to hear about–let me know in the comments 🙂






10 thoughts on “A Promise to My Son.”

  1. I love your photos Kerri, the way you capture the light is amazing! The first year is always the hardest I think. My son is about the age yours will be next year and believe me it will be the greatest summer of your life! His biggest joys, however, are mud puddles, so always be sure to pack an extra set of clothes. 🙂 Cheers to many happy memories to come!!

    1. Thanks! I was kicking myself because we forgot our camera again. The camera we bought for Christmas last year. That I swore I would learn to use. Still taking most pictures with an iPhone. Sigh!

      Thanks also for giving me a glimpse of the great times to come. Can’t wait to go mud puddle jumping!

  2. Rest assured there will be many summer’s to come and they will be filled with memories for you all. But the memories don’t have to come because you kept a packed schedule. They will come because you will be in them. ❤
    The pictures are beautiful!

    1. My favorite summer memories, being barefoot, making mud pies, fishing, bubble gum ice-cream in waffle cones, sleeping in the backyard, honey suckles, catching hundreds of grasshoppers, finding four leaf clovers, hunting for interesting rocks, swimming in the lake, the smell of coppertone, sleeping in my bathing suit, road trips, fireworks, and getting to stay with my dad in Colorado!

  3. What a beautiful, heartfelt blog this is. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon it and look forward to reading your entries each week. Your little guy reminds me of my little one who will be a year on October 15. I too take all my pictures with my phone! Enjoy this lovely fall with your precious Easton.

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