One Lovely Blog Award

You guys. I’m terrible. I mean it. I used to be so on top of everything. All the time. I made checklists and got a bit of a rush checking items off the list each day, week, month. These days I still make checklists. And I cross a few items off, but the list of to-dos always seems sooooo much longer than the list of goals I cross off the list. Every single stinking day!

Like for example, a looong time ago, I was nominated by the lovely Three Boys and a Mom for the Liebster Award. I love her blog if you haven’t read it, I look up to her strength and courage and story, and was honored that she would nominate me for an award. Did I accept and write it? No. Still on the list.

Last week the lovely Living in Momarchy nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. I love the word lovely. And again, I am grateful and honored to be nominated by a really great Mama! So before I add another “to do” to the uncrossed list, I’m going to write this, right now. And maybe one day I’ll finish the unpublished draft of the Liebster. Sigh. So sorry!


Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

IMG_54361. I find it really hard to write lists like this. What 7 things am I supposed to include? I never know what to write in response to random list prompts.

2. I’m a yoga teacher who is often frustrated with yoga.

3. Fall is my favorite season, but I wish we could call it autumn instead without sounding pretentious. I’m a former English teacher, current nerd, and I think autumn is the better word.

4. I keep struggling with how to re-create this blog. It seems like I should focus on one thing–health or motherhood instead of both in this same space.

5. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t write about motherhood at all because my son hasn’t agreed to me writing about him publicly, and I worry he may resent it someday.

6. Becoming a mother is the most powerful, life-changing experience I have ever had. By far.

7. If I won the lottery, I’d buy a small house with a few acres and have a tiny farm. One that would support the needs of my family. Even though I won’t likely win the big lottery, I won $500 about this time last year on a scratch ticket. I used the money to buy my husband a guitar for his birthday.

And now for nominations? I also am terrible at this! So, please don’t feel obligated to respond, but I think the following blogs are lovely:

Mom Life Now

Three Boys and A Mom

Stories of Our Boys

Giggle Giggle Toot Roar

A Pendulum World

Barren to Beautiful



4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. 1. Congrats on the award!
    2. Thank you for the nomination.
    3. Yeah….I worry about the whole “writing about them” thing too, but now that they are coming into awareness, I now know that Caleb LOVES to be on the blog, the more the better……and Joshua does not really want to be on it, at all, ever, so sad….
    4. Both!! Keep on blogging both!! They are both parts of you, and you just can’t ignore either. 🙂 That’s why my blog is all over the place….. 😉
    5. You totally deserved all of these awards. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging response. Maybe I can write both! And it helps to think that one day he might love being written about–like Caleb! Being a new mom & stay at home mom is pretty consuming-in both time & brain capacity! I don’t know how often Id write otherwise. And I need a space to process it all!

  2. Please please please don’t change your blog. I love coming here knowing I can read about motherhood in the hopes that it will make me a better mom. I also love knowing that I’ll find information on how to lead a healthier life. I hardly take time for myself especially when it comes to trolling the internet. I’m always looking up articles on how to grow my boy into a good man (or how to get him to sleep) and it’s so nice to find a place that supports and embraces both sides of me. Being a mom takes up sooo much of me but I’m still me and I need things that are just for me. How many times can I say me?
    So please don’t change 😊

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