On weight, dieting and having the perfect body

I’m over here on my good friends insightful, spiritual, real, and wise blog. Check out my post there if you like, but also–I encourage you to check our previous posts on The Barefoot Family’

The Barefoot Family

Is anyone immune from all this craziness?  I don’t even mean just women but men, too.  I have several men in my life right now who are on health kicks.  Their routine involves 2/day workouts, protein shakes and budgeting calories for beer.  As for me, well, I’ve just been thinking a lot about how I think about all that “body” stuff.  (Also wishing I’d lose 10 pounds before my husband’s high school reunions–2 of them–this summer.  So it’s not all rational self-analysis here, folks.)  With all this, I naturally turned to a wise and beautiful friend, Keri Hanson, who also happens to be a health coach, fitness instructor and all-around expert in these things.  Then I convinced her to write a post here, which is awesomeness!  You can also check her blog, With Love from Colorado.  Enjoy!


Weight. It’s a heavy topic. Loaded with tons of to-do’s in order to measure up…

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