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IMG_1184In retrospect, I probably should have warned any followers I was going to take a summer break from blogging. Forgive me? Please??

I’ll post a summer update about our travels soon. But for now, this is a quick post to let any readers I might still have that we are alive, that our family is growing! This is me last weekend, hauling my toddler on my back for a hike while 13 weeks pregnant. Well, this was part of our hike. We only made it half a mile before it looked like this:

IMG_1197A frustrated dad with a frustrated toddler who did not want to ride in the pack, and an exhausted pregnant mom who could not carry him in our Lillebaby much longer.

Fun times!

Speaking of fun times, first trimesters are not so fun. Even less so with a toddler to chase. And I am just now beginning to feel like a human again, so I will be posting much more regularly. Here’s my self-imposed schedule:

Mondays—Marry the Meal posts! Meals for families broken by two very different eating habits–meat eater and vegetarian.

Saturday/Sunday–Restorative and/or Prenatal yoga tutorials

And musings on Motherhood often. Because mostly mothering is what I do. You can read a micro-blog post about that on Instagram following the #mostlymother

For now, I’m off to make play-dough tractors with my toddler.

With Love from Colorado,


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