Friday I’m in Love

I got this idea to start a new Friday blog tradition. Nothing long or serious, just a list of things I’ve loved each week posted on Friday. Would love if it became a thing and other bloggers and non bloggers played along! Gratitude is always a good thing. 


Moon shadows. So freaking cool, right?!

Borage. I made this flower essence and more on eclipse day. I’ll post more about flower essences & have a give-away next week. Stay tuned!

Veggie soup. This is the last of it. I let my three year old help me make it, and I highly encourage parents of picky eaters to get your kids in the kitchen to help you–even if it makes 8 times the mess and takes 100 hours longer. They’ll learn and eat well and be nourished.

School supplies on sale. Nineteen cent journals?! Yassssss.

This book. So good for all parents who feel like their house is over run with too many toys, schedule is too crowded and busy, and need a little breathing room in their days.

Palisade Peach errrrr thing. Got these in Palisade when I was at my mom & dad’s last week.

Home grown tomatoes. 

This time of year is the stuff my senses dream of. 
What did you love this week?!
❤️ Keri

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