Celebrating Small Wins

Things that I accomplished before 10 am:

Cleaned all 3 bathrooms

Nursed a toddler twice

Vacuumed all 3 floors

Hand mopped the kitchen and dining room while pretending to be a horse carrying my sons as riders

Got dressed while playing peak-a-boo in my closet

Got boys dressed by pretending to plant their arms & legs in their shirts & water their growing branches coming out of pant legs & sleeves

Taken 5 deep breaths and grounded myself twice

Made green monster smoothies for three & garlic toast for two by request

Cleaned up green smoothies and uneaten toast 

Packed healthy snacks and diaper bag and loaded it into the car

Changed a poopy diaper

Picked up three piles of hidden snacks from yesterday

Drank warm lemon water

Said 7 prayers under my breath

Listened to a podcast

Loaded boys into the car

Told stories on the drive to our dance class
I’m not telling you all this to sing my own praise. Or maybe I am. Because as moms, we don’t do that enough, right? You took a shower? Right on! You built Lego castles and cooked a warm breakfast and found time to work out? You rock! You cleaned the house for a realtor & clients who no showed for a house showing? Me effing too! We rock. For real! 
Let’s own it more. Doesn’t it give you a little energy boost to recognize how much you got done instead of berate yourself for what you didn’t do (or didn’t do “right”–my kid’s watched 45 minutes of cartoons while I cleaned, but whatever. I cleaned the whole freaking house!).

And let’s also start adding tiny doses of self care along with celebrating our small wins. 

Here are a few self care ideas that I can always do, even with a busy schedule & even though I can’t afford $409 moon dust to add to my smoothies or $530 skincare and hair care products:

Start my day with warm lemon water. Before coffee or tea to help flush out my lymphatic system.

Drink enough water during the day. 

Take flower essences. 

Take 5 deep breaths. I often do this right after or before getting kids in and out of the car.

Have yoga snacks. Ten minutes is better than no minutes. Even ten seconds of stretching or breathing is good.

Make a cup of tea. Tulsi or chamomile especially if I’m stressed.

Eat loads of veggies. I can do this daily & feel better when I do.

Eat healthy fats. 

Get enough protein.

Goal set or dream.


Listen to good music.

Go for walks. 

Listen to podcasts that inspire.

Call a friend.

Celebrate small wins. Like family parking at the grocery store. Thanks Whole Foods in Fort Collins!

Accept help.

Think positive thoughts.

Move your body. 
May we all approach our days and selves as if we were amazing. 

Because we are.
With love, 


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