Eat More Veggies 

Whether you a paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, or something in between, most of us could stand to eat more vegetables. We know how good they are for us, but still very few people eat the recommended servings per day. 

As a health coach & former vegan, who still eats primarily plants, I get asked often how to get more vegetables into a daily diet. I feel like I could probably write 48 blog posts about this–especially because getting kids & husbands to eat veggies is a whole different game. It takes a lot of work, strategy, failures, and effort to eat healthier. 

We got off track over the summer around here. And I recently started an on-line class by Aviva Romm called Healthy All Year, so my passion for eating more veggies and a wide variety of them has come back in full force.

Here are a few tips that I’ve used in the past, use currently and have stood the test of time:

*spend time preparing fresh veggies each week! Peel carrots (the carrot nuggets are better than no carrots, but try to buy the real kind), slice cucumbers, buy and wash sugar snap peas, wash & chop bell peppers

*roast veggies–we always have roasted beets, and often sweet potato or squash, and pictured above is a favorite–roasted Brussels sprouts! 

*sneak roasted root veggies like beets or squash or sweet potatoes into smoothies for kids & adults alike!

*throw chopped or roasted veggies over salad

*make hummus & pack veggies & hummus or other yummy dips for snacks 

*eat veggies at breakfast! I often eat greens with eggs–in the summer it’s salad, in the winter I steam them

*sneak veggies in Muffins! I’ve snuck parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets & carrots in Muffins

*sneak root veggies like sweet potatoes or squash in desserts
I hope these few tips help! If you need more guidance, follow me on Instagram stories or consider a couple health coaching sessions. I’m happy to help and share!
With ❤️,

2 thoughts on “Eat More Veggies ”

  1. Keri, what do you roast your veggies in? Do you have a favorite oil to use? We are trying to add more veggies to our diet, and I could use all the tips I can get. *Drown it all in butter.* is the mantra of the south, and I”m thinking there are healthier ways…

  2. I usually don’t roast them in oil since olive oil isn’t tolerant of high heat. I just sprinkle sea salt on whatever veggies I roast ( 375 for 20ish minutes?) depends on how small the pieces are, and then when it’s done I drizzle quite a bit of olive oil on them (healthy fats are good! So is good quality butter!) & sprinkle pepper & garlic salt—the magic ingredient that makes me boys like it!

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