Eat Local-Grow Your Own

This is the second year I’ve planted a garden. My own garden. And I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how maybe the answer to many of our problems lies in planting backyard gardens.

Before each meal, we say a quick blessing:

Bless this food and all the hands that prepared it. May it nourish & heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

I believe that growing more of our own foods and herbs for spices and medicines is a way of voting for the kind of world we want to live in. If I grow more lettuce and tomatoes and kale and beets and broccoli, then I’m relying less on fossil fuels to ship those vegetables to my house. I’m relying less on immigrant workers who might  work in conditions that make me feel sick to my stomach. I’m connecting to the earth, getting my hands dirty–innoculating my microbiota with a wider diversity of life & thereby strengthening my immune system. I’m learning patience & humility. Because gardens do not arrive at the push of a button and I’ve not mastered gardening enough to grow everything perfectly. We’ll be hitting up local farms & grocery stores for pumpkins and butternut squash. When I garden, I’m remembering what life was like when it was simpler, and i believe, in many ways better. 

I could list at least 25 science based articles on the benefits (both in terms of environmental & health impacts) of gardening & local food. If you’re interested in the science, comment, and I’ll reply with a list.

But beyond science, I’m encouraging you to get your hands in the dirt. To plant pots or connect to a community garden if you can’t have your own. Plant seeds in faith, water them, sing over them, wait. Be amazed at the process of growth. Tend to the soil. Watch carefully for weeds, and weed out negative thoughts in your mind. Realize the beauty and bounty that comes from your work. Harvest. Share it with neighbors. Read Stone Soup to your kids. Make some with the ingredients in your garden. Say grace. Know the taste of gratitude.

Bless your table and all who come to it with your own hands. 
With Love,

Keri ❤️

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